Winx Club Magazine 137
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The new Winx Club magazine is out in kiosks and... it's perfect for the beach!

This issue comes with the perfect holiday game: the magic 4! It has over 40 pieces to play with and to challenge your friends!
And there's more!
Follow the Winx' advice to organise fairytastic party, try the magical looks with much gold and voile, and exclusively, enjoy many previews of the brand new series 7!

And as always you can find many games, tests, the horoscope and the comic "The Flower Thief".
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Posted on 07 Aug 2015 by M.
Winx Club Magazine 136
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The new issue of the Winx Club magazine is out in kiosks and this month is truly special!

Each issues comes with a Summer Fashion doll! You can choose between Bloom, Flora or Stella: each doll has a super glamourous dress in a different colour and glittering wings... Collect them all!

And, there's more!

Read the advice from all Winx on how to get a perfect look in only 5 steps, discover the must-listen-to songs for the holidays and the dances you can perform with your friends on the beach!

And as always, you can find many games, tests, the horoscope and the comic: "The era of the Giants".

Run the kiosk!!

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Posted on 10 Jul 2015 by M.
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Through Michael's Winx Club.

What should we expect from he who likes Sergio Leone, Corto Maltese and Ken Parker, from he who shook Italian animation after the void that came after them (...)? A live film of the Winx.
"We're working on it - confirms Straffi - we're looking for the right partners to create a product at the height of certain standards and which will have a different target ". Will it have a dark side like Maleficent? So after the tv series, three animated movies, the musicals and the entertainment park Rainbow Magicland in Rome, the Winx will have a new "spirit". And the news doesn't stop here. After another big success such as Mia & Me Straffi invests in another tv series: "I like to invest and continue dreaming." (...) Royal Academy is coming next year, which is inspired by fairy tales. "We've been working on it for 5/6 years, the series will be ready at the beginning of 2016 - Straffi says - we have a wonderful product here. I had the same feeling from when I saw the Winx for the first time." So, success is guaranteed.
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Posted on 10 May 2015 by M.
Iginio Straffi, chi è e cosa pensa il papà artistico delle Winx
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Thanks to Winx Pocket

To make an Italian cartoon go around the world, you need a script - ie strong characters, appealing setting and a nice story to be told - special effects and machines, sound and colours, editing and re-editing, and much patience. "We've been working on the new cartoon for already five years. It is set for Spring 2016 and has the working title Royal Academy", says Straffi (...)

(...) "We're following the adventures of a group of great grandchildren from the classical fairy tales ", he reveals as if he is a part of the story. "The series includes the great granddaughter of Cinderella, the great grandson of Snow White, who is male, and other great grandchildren of the most famous fairy tales. Besides the usual things such as going to school, they have an important mission to complete, which is to always reveal the positive part of the "fairytale's moral" they belong to. But innovation and tradition also need fun. "We're playing the common places of the fairytales", he immediately explains. "For example, when they are walking in front of a shoe shop, the great grandchild of Cinderella will be fully drawn to the window. She tries to resist, but in the end she gives in and enters the store...".
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Posted on 05 May 2015 by M.
Winx Club - Ricette a Colori e la magia del cibo solo su Rai Gulp
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Thanks Bloom. Are you ready to cook with us? But where is Alessandro? Ale?

Here I am. Fully ready.

A colourful touch


We're waiting for you at Rai Gulp with Colourful Recipes, every Saturday and Sunday at 18:00, starting from May 2.
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Posted on 25 Apr 2015 by M.

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